The Designs Episode 501: Terri & Wesley

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I still get excited looking at all the Project Runway originals we have in our office. Some of the designers were innovative in their design and execution of their garments from the first challenge, promising much talent for future challenges.

We put Terri‘s garment on the mannequin–it has been one of the few that has been big enough to¬†actually fit our bust form! Terri used safe materials to create her garment: a red plastic tablecloth for the skirt and mops for the halter top.¬†Even though the materials were ordinary, Terri’s execution of detailing and construction were well done.¬†She made a simple a-line skirt, but added ruffles to the back to add interest and create volume.¬†The skirt had seams to make it fit well, but it didn’t have any closures, so I’m not sure how it stayed on the model. It was obvious Terri spent most of her time creating a braid pattern for the halter; the pattern was intricate and well designed.¬†My favorite part was the open structure of the back–very sexy. This was sewn onto the model, so we had to use a rubber band to dress our mannequin. Even though Terri played it safe in design and fabrication, her work was solid. In last week’s auction, her dress was continually bid on by three persons and went for $70.

I also got to examine Wesley‘s paper tablecloth dress–which had been completely cut off of the model! This dress was among my favorites as it was with viewers. In last week’s auction, this was one of the top dresses, with a¬†max bid of $115. The same bidder nabbed both Terri’s and Wesley’s garments. Wesley, like many of the designers, played it safe with a paper tablecloth, however, his keg cup and flyswatter¬†flowers added a pop quality to his design. Wesley used a muslin base for his dress, allowing him to create a good shape and movement.¬† Most of his time was spent cutting out individual petals for his flowers, but his craftsmanship and attention to detail were evident. The rubber gloves were interesting–they were tacky in design, but on trend in design conception. Wesley used rubber kitchen gloves adorned with a smashed keg cup. This dress was good, but the color is what made it standout on the runway.

Make sure you place your bid in this week’s auction and I’ll keep you updated on all the dirty design details!¬†¬†

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