Final Collection Videos: The Decoys

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Every season on Project Runway there are decoy collections that show at Bryant Park so that results of the remaining shows will not be spoiled by revealing the final three. In the past there have been one, last year there were two, and this year there were three.

Jerell, Suede, and Joe all showed at fashion week to a packed house and gave it their all. Watch the videos, which will NOT be aired on television here on the site.

Stay tuned as the talented trio Leanne, Korto, and Kenley duke it out next week in the second part of the finale for the title of America’s Next Top Designer.


17 Responses to “Final Collection Videos: The Decoys”

  1. lauren sterling Says:

    Why would you pick Leanne….. every outfit looked aliked and had no color!!!!!! Korto was the real winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! r-u crazy???????? Her collection was BEAUTIFUL! I have always campain for everyone to watch project runway…….but if you are not going to be fair.then we will stop watching.

  2. Tammy Says:

    I am really disappointed in the choice for tonight’s winner. If I would have known that the show would have a bias opinion I would have watch another show and not waste the time and ratings. The last year show I felt was a great show the year before a great show. But, tonight I actually felt that Korto did not have a chance. What is this thing about over doing how can you over do prefection? Those dresses each carried a great feel for life nothing was the same. The colors varied, the styles varied. The winner of the show tonight I could almost tell you want was going to be next before the actual model turned the corner. I pray that this was the best choice for all women and not just the ones that YOU all think. Disappointed…….. God Bless

  3. Carol Carter Says:

    Are you all blind? What show were you viewing? Certainly not the same show I witnessed. Korto has been consistent in her designs and creativity. Other than the last two dresses, she’s done impeccable work. The other two have been predictable in every since. Kenley, you know her incapabilities. As for Leann, she’s done a few good garments but her construction is awful. Nevertheless, if one were to go by the runway show alone, Korto should’ve won, hands down. I sure hope you didn’t base your decision on the poll from the website. What do the public know? You’re supposed to be the experts and you’ve dropped the ball even more so this season than last season. Leann is a one note designer and that was evident in the runway show. You even stated yourselves that that was an
    apprehension,so how could she have won. I’m very disappointed in your evaluation and decision. I truly believe you went with the popular vote and that was a pure mistake.

  4. Lauren Ingles Says:

    How can I get Leanne’s aqua dress for prom 2009? I just love it.

  5. Ayesha Says:

    Leanne deserves it!! i think her collections are awesome.. she’s creative and i wanna go to a fashion design school like her..

  6. Bryan Says:

    the real winner is Korto. With a range of designs and colors she stood out from the crowd. Leanns was cute but predictable. There was not much variety and actually bored me alittle. for her to win was a mistake. she stuck to one gemick, that pleate, and showed very little else. Do you u really want a one trick designer? or someone who gives u variety in there fashion. if i was a buyer at Korto’s show i would have many very nice designs to choose from. i think on this one the judges failed to deliver the right verdict. im glad i didnt watch the finale show, it would have been a dissapointment

  7. M.A Says:

    I am so disappointed in the outcome of this season …..
    Leanne was Ok … But NO EXCITMENT at all …yes, she did have some wondrful work during the season … But over all it’s BEEN KORTO (and yes I am yelling) All the way through this season, she has shown so BRIGHTLY and her clothing is beautful and full of life. The judges made a TERRIBLE ERROR in jugdement, which makes me think they are out of touch with reality …. DAH
    …….I ain’t goin’ be wearing no petals skirt …. !

  8. Sarah Says:

    Korto should have won. The judges have definitely misjudged. :(

  9. Kristina Says:

    KORTO! KORTO! KORTO! I may be a stay-at-home mom who dons sweats and jeans and your basic shouldn’t-be-caught-running-to-the-mailbox in it type of clothes, but come on??? The best, most beautiful, most wearable for women of all colors, shapes and lifestyles was hands down Korto! You get my vote honey!!! Absolutely Stunning!!! Sorry judges, I love you, but you got it wrong.

  10. Donna Says:

    What a joke!! Kenley deserved to win. She had the most interesting designs hands down!!! There was such jealousy on the part of the other contestants, it was laughable. Leanne’s designs all looked the same, same color, blah, boring. Korto’s were ugly and boring, boring, boring. In addition, she had the worst attitude of the whole group, she was negative and rude. Kenley was the most fun to watch, the show was lucky to have her. Without her, it would have been one dull show this season.

  11. Patricia Says:

    Excuse me, I think that constructive criticism is fine in building character and foundations (gently put to people builds a higher class), this means don’t make fun of, even if the commentary is funny. While the judges didn’t get much clapping, I think they did a fine and difficult job. The past two seasons had the winners that were just fine and up to the challenges ahead. I have had design experience for more then fourty years. There are educated reasons that the winners have won and in this respect kindly think about what you say.

  12. mary Says:

    Leanne’s collection was outstanding. I cant believe all the work she put into it. I would love to wear any one of them especially the white slacks and blue top. Wow!

  13. Ruby Says:

    Leanne’s collection was so beautiful. She is so talented. I loved the collections of the other two contestants but felt that Leanne won hands down. You go girl-it’ll be fun to watch you soar with the eagles!

  14. gg Says:

    I have been obsessed with Project Runway since it first started and I have never thought that I would say this – but judges were unfair!!! If all the previous times when my favorite designer was “outed” I could somehow justify their decision but yesterday I was utterly disappointed!! How? Why? And WHY again… I think all 3 deserved to be there, even Kenley (she obviously was sincere with her apologies), I love Leann too, but let’s be honest, Korto deserved it! I was so upset that I cried… but it’s not going to change anything..

  15. Perplexed Says:

    Some of Leanne’s designs looked very similar to Armani’s waves. Her collection sure didn’t make any waves as far as I’m concerned. Rather somber and forgetable. Kenley? Now there’s someone memorable. Why was she punished for being fiesty and strong-willed like the men who won in previous seasons? Some sexism going on here? Hey Leanne, women in the USA are allowed to speak up and make noise and be loud. It’s NOT obnoxious. Why don’t you crank up the volume a bit and liberate yourself….

  16. mm Says:

    I agree with you, I think Korto should have won to because the JUDGES said it themselves. She can dress every woman regardless of their size and she wasn’t scared of using colors. But you know the judges wanted Leann to win because they said that when they had a one on one profile of them on Msn Wednesday. I think it was very unfair. Romney didn’t win because he draped almost everything but Leann wins and she petals everything. Where is the diversity?

  17. Renee Says:

    Leanne collections are awesome!!!!!!!!! I think she really deserved to win. Kenley’s clothes where so yesterday and that attitude, I would never feed her to the fashion industry. Korto’s designs where very good but I must agree some were over worked.

    I wish there was a way to buy some of the winning designs after the finale.

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