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Accessory Trends on the Runway!

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Let’s face it, some of the designs created out of the challenges are not things you can wear off the runway. Lettuce neckline anyone?  The accessories the models wear from the Bluefly accessories wall however are the exception. From patent pumps, metallic clutches, to embellished cuffs the accessories really add drama to the pieces.

We love the red  Maryjane patent pumps that Emily’s model Leslie wore in Episode 502: Grass is Always Greener. They work with Emily’s gray, white and navy swingy cocktail dress and are on-trend for fall. This style is one that will go the extra mile with your fall wardrobe. Wear it with a basic sheath dress for the perfect pop of color at the office, or make a statement by pairing it with a print piece.

Wristlets and clutches are another trend we saw the designers add to their runway looks. Our favorites: the oversized black croc clutch Terri’s model Xaviera carried plus the mint colored wristlet Kelli’s model Germaine carried in Episode 502,  and the metallic gold clutch Joe’s model Topacio carried in Episode 503: Bright Lights/Big City.  All three of these looks are great for day or night, working as easily with a pair of skinny jeans as they do with a cocktail dress.

The last runway trend we continue to see is bold bracelets. Large colorful bracelets were seen on  Jerell’s model Alex , Daniel’s model Elena, and Blayne’s model Polina in Episode 501:Let’s Start From the Beginning and again in Episode 502 on NicoleKorto’s model Katarina wore stacked bracelets in Episode 502, and statement cuffs graced the wrists of  Leanne’s model Karalyn.

Since trends change so often accessories are the best way to update your look. Adding a great pair of heels or a  clutch can instantly make an old dress new again and save you from being bored with your closet.  Visit Bluefly for your perfect fall shoes and accessories-and shop Heidi Klum’s jewelry collection for great earrings and cuffs.

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Episode 503 Designs: The Best & The Worst

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I couldn’t wait to get a look at the Bright Lights/Big City designs from last week’s episode when they came into our office; and most of them didn’t disappoint me. Here’s the skinny on the best and the worst from last week’s challenge.

Kenley was the winner with her ode to the 80′s mini dress. She took a fashion risk when designing this outfit, but I just loved it. The dress was well executed–a mini dress with three quarter sleeves, mock turtleneck, puffy shoulders, and a bubble skirt. All of the hems were well finished and the zipper laid flat. I especially loved the fuschia and purple ombred tulle she used to offset her asymmetrical skirt hem. While her bright green floral print fabric looked fabulous on the runway, it looked a bit like a doctor’s office couch in person. Nonetheless, it was obvious that Kenley’s creativity and execution deserved the win. Currently, Kenley’s dress is doing well in the auction, so don’t miss out on your chance to have a fabulous throwback to the 80s dress.

Although Kenley ended up with the win, I thought Leanne’s separates might be the ones to beat! From an abstract picture, Leanne created a tiered skrit and simple blouse that were elegant, creative and wearable. She used basic black with charcoal grey tiers in the skirt. The sewing was among the best I saw–finished hems, flat seams, and overall polish. Leanne also paid attention to details, with the tiers at the blouse neckline and across the back of the skirt. Right now, Leanne’s design is leading the auction with a bid of over $300! If you think this outfit would like divine in your wardrobe (and trust me, it would), then makes sure you place your bid today!

Terri rounded out the top three last week with her multicolored, backless mini dress and black pants. When I saw her design in person, I just loved it–it was playful, sexy, and classy. I especially liked the sleeves on the dress with the layers of colors at the cuff and baggy fit. She also made a pair of fabulous, fitted satin pants with a boot cut. Her execution was finished and polished. Terri’s design stood out on the runway to me because it was a fresh take on the dress and a new look for the Big City (and don’t forget the fabulous, fiesty sunglasses!). Make sure you love Terri in our auction and bid on her dress/pants design.

And now for the worst. Emily’s LBD with the bold ruffles didn’t make the cut this week. Her light and energy photograph was inspiring and her idea had potential, but it was poorly executed. Emily‘s basic little black dress was well sewn with obre trim, but the ruffles were messy. First, most of them weren’t finished, so they were starting to fray. Second, they were poorly placed across the dress and didn’t flatter the model (and models look good in most anything!). However, Emily’s dress isn’t at the bottom of the auction, so you must like it; don’t forget to place your bid on her dress.

Although Emily got the boot, I’m surprised Jennifer’s matronly frock didn’t have us saying auf wierdersehen to her this week! I’m sorry, but not only was this dress boring and nunnish, it was poorly executed. Jennifer created a simple black and white dress with long sleeves and a three-tier ruffle skirt. While the dress looked okay on the runway, the sewing was not appealing in person. The belt hid her messy waist seam (see above), the tiers were uneven, and her whip stitching wasn’t attractive. Jennifer tried to add intricate details to her dress like the piano key sleeves and sheer keyhole on the back, but it didn’t do her justice. Right now, Jennifer’s dress is one of the the lowest in the auction, but her faithful “gojengo” fan is once again the highest bidder. Think you love Jennifer more? Then make sure you bid on her dress in the auction.

Keith was the last among the bottom three this week with his ratty magazine inspired dress. Being a magazine junkie, I adored his picture (it was so intimate and unique), but the dress didn’t pan out like I had hoped it would. However, I will admit the dress is better in person that it was on the runway. Keith had a basic slip dress which he adored with little 2×2 squares of printed fabric. It was a unique idea, but it would’ve been better if the dress had more of a shape and more intense, darker colors. The one downfall were the twisted messy straps–that might have been intentional as a literal translation of the inspiration picture, but it didn’t help his design any. Keith’s design is at the lower end of the auction, but I bet with a belt and little personality, this dress would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

That is the down and dirty on the designs from last week’s Bright Lights/Big City challenge. Make sure you place your bid on your favorite going out outfit before this week’s episode!

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Episode 503: Bright Lights/Big City

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This week, in a familar challenge, the designers were taken out into the city, where they had an hour to take inspirational pictures. Tim Gunn escorted the designers on a tour bus, where designers were let off in groups at Columbus Circle, Times Square, NYC Public Library, and Greenwich Village. The upside: the nighttime social scene was happening; the downside: it was raining. Overall, I thought the designers took some creative pictures–especially Kenley & Emily. Stella tried to stir up drama after she became irritated with an inconsiderate, distracted Keith, but it didn’t rile Kenley who backed his competitive, “in the moment” attitude.

The designers each selected one picture to inspire their design for a fabulous night out on the town. For the first time, the designers headed to Mood to pick out their own fabric. Stella kept running around screaming, “who’s helping me?,” but no one seemed to hear or care. Has she never been in a fabric store before, or does her store only sell “leatha?” In the workroom, it was interesting to watch everything come together–I was holding my breath for Kenley, Blayne, Terri and Emily who took risks with bold, splashy colors.

Kenley‘s design instincts were right on cue, as she won this challenge, receiving immunity for next week. Her throw-back to the 80s was modern, playful, and perfect for a flirty girl on the town. However, I thought Leanne‘s fabulous and chic separates would be hard to beat; her design was so interesting, classic, and most wearable by all women. While I had doubts about Terri‘s graffiti inspired backless dress and pants, it made a fabulous showing on the runway. I also loved the sophisticated ambiance and deep olive color of Jerell‘s design and the rainbow of electric colors on Blayne‘s design.

While most of the designers succeeded in creating appealing garments for the runway, there were a few that were no where near making the cut. This week, we said auf wiedersehen to Emily. I loved her inspiration photo–with the moving light of NYC, but her execution was just plain awful. The ruffles were unflattering, had poor placement, and did not flow with the garment.

Personally, I liked Keith‘s inspiration photo–there was something so intriguing about the battered magazine, but I was disappointed by the execution of the garment. I agree with Michael Kors’ comment: “It looks like toilet paper fluttering in the wind.” Jennifer rounded out the bottom three with her matronly frock. There are no words for it other than boring. Nina Garcia made the infamous remark, “no comment.” That is when you know it was bad!

Make sure you bid on your favorite design from Bright Lights/Big City in our auction this week. I think I might bid on Kenley’s ode to the 80s–it would be fabulously fun for a night out with my girls.

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Kenley wins with an homage to the ’80s

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After handicapping tonight’s epsiode around the office, our coworkers were surprised with Kenley‘s win. But her look was definitely daring and unique … though we must admit that we thought Leanne‘s cute separates would be the one to beat. Can’t decide which one you like the best? No worries – you can buy all the designs in our Episode 503 Auction – which has just begun! Happy bidding…

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Some Claws are Already Out!

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Last season some fans were upset that there weren’t more feuds and that many of the the contestants seemed to be conservative and calculating of how their behavior would look on screen. Even Christian with his “Fierce” cries was accused of not ‘letting it all hang out.’ Although there weren’t huge blowouts such as Jay and Wendy’s feud from Season 1, or Jeffrey and Angela’s feud from Season 3, I think Ricky’s consistent crying and spat with Carmen in the workroom (remember “Don’t go home too soon”?) deserves some recognition.

This season, If people are looking for some drama and feuding, I think they must have been pretty pleased with the last episode. It appears the claws are already coming out.

Let’s see. First, Jennifer steals Jerell’s model and Jerell admits he is “salty”; Blayne makes fun of Stella’s love of leather only to have Stella brush it off in an interview calling him “12″; and let’s not forget Suede talking about himself in the third person. You’ll remember in Leanne’s interview she says “Leanne likes Suede. But Leanne wishes Suede would stop talking about himself in the third person.” Yikes! I think this is an indication that Leanne smiles silently and sweetly in the workroom but probably has a lot to say about what goes on in there. We can’t wait!

And although we love when people get along and make merry, we must admit we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a good feud. These competitions are all about being hungry, and you’re not going to get what you want by not saying what you feel and/or sticking up for yourself.

So here’s hoping they continue to spice it up-both in the workroom and on the runway!

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The Designs Episode 501: Kelli & Leanne

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Working behind the scenes at definitely has its perks! Not only do we have access to exclusive photos and videos of Project Runway, we also have the designs from the first challenge right here in our office. This week, we are getting ready to send out the designs to the highest bidders from last week’s auction, so I took a moment to examine the different designs. It was such an awesome opportunity to see all the detailing, stitching, and overall aesthetic up close in person.

Of course I had to see last week’s winning design–Kelli’s vacuum cleaner bag and coffee filter creation. What amazed me most about this design was it’s creative pattern from the bleach. It is evident Kelli focused most of her time on getting the pattern perfect for the bodice and skirt. Her hems, stiches, and finishing was efficient in design. She creatively used notebook wire ( see picture above) to create hook and eyes to fasten the dress. Kelli used a whip stich to hem the top of the skirt and attach the straps, coffee filter top, and skirt altogether–and she must have been pressed for time! Overall, it was evident the creative patterning and use of materials made this dress the winner.

I also had to peek at Leanne’s lucious candy creation, one of my favorites from the challenge. Leanne conservatively chose a bubblegum pink tablecloth for her main material, but her use of candy and coffee filters made her dress stand out. My favorite part of this design was the silhouette–the deep v neck and bubble skirt are very trendy and fit the candy ideology. Leanne also created ruffles with her white coffee filters. While the candy was adorable on the runway, it might not stay preserved for long. This design was also so tiny that it wouldn’t fit on our mannequin! Overall, I was impressed with how well Leanne’s garment was constructed under the time constraint.

If you are just dying to be able to see a Project Runway original firsthand, make sure you place your bid for this week’s auctionits going to be hot!

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